Mystical Fungi EP

by Existential

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Euclid This trippy release is like a cross between SOAD, Swans, and #12LLY. JC looks pretty cool all shroomed out too, even though he's still a fake-ass-ho Favorite track: Broke.
Dave Clark
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Dave Clark Just stumbled across this new release with no knowledge of the band at all... a few seconds later I was totally captivated. Best way I can think of to try and describe their sound is to imagine Mr Bungle injected with liberal doses of Sikth.
I always have soft spot for dual vocalists in technical/experimental bands too, so the whole package is perfect for me.
This is special! Favorite track: Mystical Fungi.
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released October 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Existential Maryland

Conscious metal band from MD, looking for opportunities to play live shows.

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Track Name: Every Day
I would like to welcome you
To this thing called life
It's fun if you. be yourself
Don't hide, at school, or work
Every Day, repeat, repeat, repeat
Every Day
I am trapped in a circle a vicious monotony in my mind I escape.
Into the abyss of my consciousness where you don't exist and I am free to think!
Hide and conceal lies in your head,
persuade you to have no thoughts, brainwashed, mindless, |
we have come, to reveal the truth behind!
The invention of sanity, is false!
So please get out of my head!
I need to live life without you!
You should hear the noises people make these days!
It's all the same.....
Distractions from the source of which we came!
Pay attention, it is crucial
for YOU
for US
Re-Activate the pineal to save the world!
Heightened awareness will let you see!
That were a piece of me!
Of me!
Your a piece of me!
A piece of!
Baby girl we are the universe, come to the spirit world with me!
We can travel back to the place we met so long ago!
Ascend with me! On a psychedelic mission to flourish in our minds
Track Name: Mystical Fungi
I am done... With this game...
What did he say?
I'm sitting in my room because I am scared to go outside!
Robots in disguise are trying to take us with them!
We are from the other side,
and were waiting for you to breakthrough!
What is, reality?
Some say it is whatever you make to be.
Today, we will be taking an inside look, into the human subconsciousness.
What is normality, anyways? Anyways!
This strange culture, is not where were from!
Were lost! To regain vision we, detoxify the minds eye!
How do I show you?
A place where geometric shapes are face to face with you
These astounding galactic visuals, shimmer in the sky!
How do I show you, you need me!
To lead you to the mystical waterfall!
But we cant make you drink, it's up to you to swim or sink...
Or stay asleep!
I wake up in this morning blue dusk
I see, a flurry of thoughts come my way!
I see this place, I see this place!
Breathe in the spirits whisper! And look into my eyes!
And you will see, the key to the universal mystery!
I feel reality fading! I can remember these beings from a place.
Before this all began! And now I spend my life, trying to prove to you!
When i'm making my decisions i'm following the light,
I don't care if you think i'm wrong!
I just wanted you to see so that
you may come to believe
Track Name: Broke
Cold bodies, dark hues, sight skewed, childrens minds that these lies illude, far from you.
Broke in two, who are we who are you, if you only knew what was here to do.
Hearin' her voice in my mind, from the last time we spoke.
It was a around midnight when I awoke, I took a toke, and jumped on the phone.
Up all night we were talkin bout the drones!
I said it's not so black and white when you meet the loved one slightly tinted grey.
(Slightly tinted grey)
Delve into taboo regions, find your reason, act on treason,
join the legion that is yours, follow this light you'll experience more.
As we take off to soar, fly through the door!
Peering out the window at the stars and clouds.
A hole in the sky opens up, and they take me with them.
Alien existence growing from the ground.
Closed doors in my mind open up, and lead me straight to nowhere!
I said it's not so black and white when you meet the loved one slightly tinted grey.
(Slightly tinted grey)
Track Name: Fade Away
Let's ask some questions about life.
How did we get here?
Where do we come from?
Why are humans so uncomfortable with existential things?
Have you ever wondered where you go when you dream?
Inside my mind's dominion is where I see it's face.
Fluorescent lighting pierces through my head,
as the static of these screens,
are pushing me to a painful combustion.
Within a dream blue dragons with laser beams,
are destroying everything that's not real.
The way they move,
into my existence during the brink of destruction.
Questions, make me ask questions, questions asked.
Higher consciousness shows me that,
no one else is evolving.
Will they save us now?
I couldn't ever tell you what they say.
I swear!
I swear!
You'll know one day,
When you fade away.
I couldn't ever tell you what they say.
You'll know one day,
when you fade away........
Track Name: Where Are We?
Time fell through a crack in the ground!
All perspectives lost!
I try to bring it back cos it's all I know!
Piece together, the broken shatters.
Re-build this life anew!
It's for you! For you!
Magic being shine into me, tingling with this meaning!
Show me everything! Show me everything!
All the things that i've seen, in me, I search to find the answers.
An inward journey!
All I know!
All the things i've seen, are inside of me!
They guide me to my purpose, escape monotony!
Escape with me.... with me.
I can't talk to you about...
Anything but the crisis that we have on our hands...
Entranced by what they said was real
Stagnant comfort, is darknesses deal
Your soul claws at you from within
Screaming, that you have the potential to win!
They speak without words!
Infinite meaning contained, within these images!
Images! They're all I know!
Existing everywhere at once, where are we now, where are we,